It's time...
Wow, tomorrow is moving day! I never realized how much CRAP I have!! Ugh, all this little crap is ridiculous...and then my bedroom furniture.  I am renting a Uhaul trailer for dad to pull my big stuff (bed, dresser, nightstand, etc).  I don't have "a lot" of stuff but I have a lot of stuff...haha.  I hate moving things, I wish I was "Jeannie" and could just blink and have all my stuff moved to the apartment, lol.

Well tomorrow should be fun...moving in...and our sofa and recliner delivered on Sunday, then internet/cable activated/set up on Monday.

It's all exciting, yet I am nervous, haha...never been on my own and I am used to being able to spend my money how I want I will have to make sure I can afford to =\ lol.  And no mommy to wash my clothes, cook my food and buy me stuff!! I have to be a grown up now! BOO! hahaha

Oh well just thought I'd do a little update =)

ICK Tomorrow is Monday!
Ugh do not want to go to work tomorrow...I hate summer, its SO slow, there is nothing to do! The only plus are my hours are 9-4 and I can take up to 4 wks for vacation...I took over a week for Disney World at the end of May. So much fun I did not want to come home.

Didn't really do much today, was supposed to have lunch with my twins and Mary, but Kruti had got called into her clinic to work 8:30-5, so that sucked, esp. when she texted me at 7:30am to tell me, THANKS! haha.

Anyways Mary and I eneded up going to see 'The Hangover' which was fuckin hilarious!! OMG funniest movie I have seen in a while. The theater was packed too, glad we got there early to get decent seats.  But yeah everyone was laughing the whole time and some even applauded when it was over. It was vulger and stuff, but hilarious, really enjoyed it. 

After the movie we went to Baker Street Pub for drinks and to I'm home bored...maybe I'll pop in a dvd and chill.

Cleans out the cob webs
So yeah...I'm thinking about starting to update this again...decisions decisions...

Nothing all that important to update with. Just chillin at home just talked to Ang for over an hour! lol

um yea, i dont think im gonna update anymore, yea...

Oy what a week, spring break and all i did was work, 12hrs yesterday =/ I was so tired i tried watching SNL and i made it to watch Eve and Gwen sing <3 ROFL @ Ashton being kevin..."manties for wiggers"

Anyways today was really slow, i got sent home 2-1/2hrs early. My sched for next week is:

Mon: 6-11
Fri: 12-8:30
Sat: 12-8
Sun/Mon: 12am-8am<---ROFL! i dont know how im gonna do it, we have to pull all of the games and sort tokens b4 we get our new games that will be in the store during that time span.

Anyways thats about it, i have a test tomorrow that im worried about, im mean WTF?! How are you gonna give a test right when we get back from having a week off!?!?!

Oh well heres an update, not that anyone ever responds to me =( ROFL take care my bitches <3

hmm...guess i should update
Ok, so not much has been going on, lol. Just working and stuff. I am still loving my new car, its so spiffy, i have been driving everywhere when i go out with friends, lol. We went to a Delta frat party at a club on Thursday and i got drunk, lol. The next morning my mom told me i kept repeating things to her when i got home, lol! Then on Friday we went to a comedy club, OMG, it was fuckin hilarious and vulgar, i loved it!!

So i am on Spring Break, woo...Alls im doing is working and homework, fun =/

Ok so lately i have been really wanting to finally get my first tattoo, i already know what i want, lol. Its just that im nervous about getting it and i KNOW my mom will not be too happy =/ My friends kind of want one too, so who knows maybe we might all get one soon, lol.

Anyways this is my little update. Take care bitches <3

EEP! i just got back from getting my NEW CAR!!! Im so happy, yet nervous, lol. It's a brand new 2005 Chevy Cobalt and its silver with power everything, a spoiler, 16" wheels, MP3 player and radio controls on the steering wheel. Its so nice, i cant believe i have a new car!

So yea there's my update.


i feel yucky..
ugh i dont feel good, everyone in my house has been sick, so i guess its my turn =/ So far i have a bubbly tummy and sore throat, fun *rolls eyes*

Work wasnt bad today at all, though the weather bites ass, rainy and crap.

Ok so i really want a SUV, but i was looking in my Consumer Reports and all the SUVs i want they are telling me to avoid, ie Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also they cost more and the reliabilty thing scares me, i dont want to be pouring $ into like crazy. Anyways so i found several '03 Corollas, loaded, that i can afford, so thats probably what i will end up with. Thats cool with me, i love that rental i had, plus gas will be cheaper, which is good since i will be on a tight budget.

The sad part is i dont know if i will still get a iPod, since thats a lot of money and i could use it for insurance or a car note =/ Oh well we will see...

Take care and reply bitches ;o) <3

LOL, i just got home from HELL!!! LOL it was so busy from 4-9, OMG, if my GM hadnt pitched in and helped us in the kitchen i would of died for sure! After 9 it was smooth sailing, so that was good, we got caught up and stuff.

I cant wait till this semester is over with, lol, i know it just begun, but i dont really have any interest in any of my classes =\

I keep getting lots of hours, so my paychecks are nice, esp since i am looking into getting a new car!! Im really getting serious and my mom has already called my insurance company to see what would happen, since i have to get the car in my name. They said with the SUV i want, my insurance would only go up like $41 so thats good =) I just hope i can actually get a new car, i would be so happy!!

So my schedule this for next week is:

Mon: 6-2
Wed: 11-2
Fri: 4-8
Sat: 12-9
Sun: 8-4

Oh and i got a raise at work, only 25 cents, but its a start, but i should get another 25 cent by Spring break/summer =)

Oh well peace out and take care my peeps <3

Update Time!
LOL so yea school still blows, lol. Work is going ok, im getting decent hours and if it keeps up i "might" be able to get a new/used car!

I worked 12-9:30 yesterday and OMG it was hell from like 7-9. We has a line to get in, running out of tables, and couldnt run the food fast enough. Anyways so i got off and changed then my friends and i ate a pizza and we left for the club. We go to this place called Union Bar and they were playing like 80s techno =S Also it was like nothing but older white people, i told my friends i feel out of placed and they laughed at me, esp since they are all Indian. Well so we had a few drinks and then left and went to a different club, Gatsby and they were playing better music. Had some more drinks and i wanted a cig, so one of my friends bought me a pack =/ LMAO! so yea...

Anyways i got home a little after 3am, woohoo early =P I dont work till 4 do im happy, lol. But tomorrow i work 5am-1:30!! =S Then i work

Wed: 9:45-2
Fri: 11-4 (gonna be busy as hell, schools out)
Sat 4-CL

And im off for Super Bowl Sunday!!! =D

Well take care, much love <3


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